Technical Service

Dear clients.
Due to our inminent closure we are not offering this service anymore

Technical Service

3D printer repair and fine tuning.

BCN Dynamics put its expertise in 3D printers serving its customers. If you have an open source 3D printer you can ask our technical service to:







Improvements, extensions, R&D projects...

Technical Support

Our technicians attend technical questions related to the operation, installation and reparation of your 3D printer. Remote support is accessible by email, phone or Skype video call.

Technical Service

Technical Service

Repair, calibration, assembly, extensions ... BCN Dynamics technical service gives you the option to repair your 3D printer both in our own facilities or in your place.

Backup Service

Your 3D printer is broken but you urgently need to print? BCN Dynamics offers you 3D printing service with priority while your 3D printer is not available. You can send us your designs and we print in-house and send them.

Replacement of components

BCN Dynamics replaces your damaged or broken parts at no extra cost for your company. This service don't includes the replacement of broken or damaged components due to misuse by the customer.

Total Maintenance Service

All our technical services in one. The total maintenance includes all the possibilities of our technical service. Make sure your 3D printer is always running and in good condition.

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