Open Source Technology Academy

Open Source Technology Academy

At BCN Dynamics we work to promote, encourage and develop the open source technology (open source hardware and software published under free licenses), we offer the possibility to learn about free technology in particular or small group classes. For this reason we created the open Source Technology Academy. Classes are on our instalations in Barcelona, weekday evenings, concerted hours with students. If you are interested call us, write us or come to our store!


Concerted classes about 3D printers (1~2 hours duration)



This class explains the theoretical workflow of the mechanical parts of a 3D printer. Moreover, we offer many details and tips about the assembling process of the 3D printer models that we sell in our store, and any reprap 3d printer.

  • Operating a 4 dimension CNC machine.
  • Extrusion: how a extruder works, types of extrusion (direct, geared, bowden...), how a hotend works. Assembling complete extruders.
  • Assembling of a reprap open source 3D printer. Basic information about mechanical assembling and the tips for a good assembling.
  • Mechanical calibration: alignment, belt tension, endstop switches, preventing vibration and noise.


This class introduces the main concepts of Arduino electronics and the use of Arduino IDE software in order to upload and update firmware. We explain also what is a firmware, how it works, and what changes you can do in the firmware to fine tune your 3D printer. There are other electronics available to control 3D printers, we explain how they work and how you can configure them. This class includes whatever you need to know about electronics to make a 3D printer work.

  • Electronic connections and wiring of a 3D printer.
  • Differences between RAMPs, minitronics and others.
  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Arduino IDE
  • Firmware Marlin, Sprinter, and others.
  • Fine tuning by firmware (motor steps, thermistor tables, endstops...)


This class explains how to use and configure the necessary software to generate GCODES, connect to the printer, and print.

  • STL and GCODE formats.
  • Pronterface
  • Slic3r: options, configurations
  • Repetier, Cura

3D Design

Classes about 3D design using open source software (coming soon)

  • Blender
  • OpenSCAD
  • FreeCAD

Free 3D Universe

Learn to use and take advantage of the resources that free and open source offers to you in Internet. Sometimes an effort is required to learn and understand how the free and open source world works, but once you enter in this world you can use all its potential. Learn to re-use what already exist, improve it and share it!

  • RepRap project.
  • Thingiverse, rascomras and places to share designs and projects.
  • Github and source codes. Where can I download Marlin firmware, prusa i3 designs or slic3r software? How can I publish an improvement?
  • OpenSCAD libraries and designs.


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