Fablab Online - 3D Printing

Become a member of our Fablab online and you'll can 3D print everything you want for just 25€ per month.


Become a Fablab 3D member!

You don't need to have a 3d priner, neither knowing about how to use it. Upload your 3d models, select material and color, and order a 3d print. We'll print it.



¿How it works?

1. Design or download a 3D model.

2. Upload the 3d model to your Fablab 3D place in the BCN Dynamics website.

Fablab members can also ask for 3d prints by email or coming to our place.

3. Order a 3D print of your models. You can chose material, color and priority.

There are many PLA colors available, Wood PLA, Bronze and Copper.

4. Your order will be in queue some time. Then the BCN Dynamics staff will print it.

You don't need to prepare the 3d printer yourself, our technical staff will do it for you respecting the order of the queue.

5. Once 3d printed, you should pay just for the material used (filament by meters).

You don't need to buy spools, you just pay for the meters of filament you used. You can change color and material in every print! And we are talking about really low prices, a 3d print can be just between 0,50€ and 5€ in average.

6. Come to our store to pick up your 3d print, or ask for shipment and you'll receive it at home!


Order now!

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