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mDrawBot is a four-in-one drawing robot. It can be assembled into...
270,69 €
Starter robot kit is a start in the robotics and maker world. Ide...
176,53 €
STEM Educational Robot Kit for Kids
88,27 €
Ultimate Robot Kit is a DIY robotic arm robot that can be assembl...
376,61 €
A complete kit to DIY a multi-purpose two-wheels robot.
114,18 €
Zowi the robot is a nice toy with which children will discover ho...
128,44 €
My first Robot Kit is the perfect tool for the youngest members o...
107,00 €
ZUM BT-328 an arduino-compatible board with many improvements.
58,75 €
DC Motor. 37mm diameter DC metal geared motor pack.
23,53 €
Kit for do-it-yourself a line follower two-wheel robot (Printbots...
68,46 €
Makeblock's servo coreless motor MEDS15
35,31 €
MG995 Standard Servo Motor.
29,42 €


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