This page includes download links related with 3d printing: software, firmware, sources, configs, and so on.


Generating GCODEs

  • Slic3r. Software to generate GCODES given a 3D model in STL format.

3D Printer control interface (host software)

  • PrintRun. Software to connect with the 3D printer form the PC.

Compile and update firmware

  • Arduino IDE. Arduino software to compile and upload firmware to Arduino PCBs and compatible ones.

3D design

  • OpenSCAD. Code-based 3D desing software.
  • Blender. visual 3d design, artistic style.
  • FreeCAD. Visual 3d design, tecnic. Autocad style.



  • Slic3r configuration files
Model* Inner Filament diam Nozzle diam Filament type Config
Prusa i3 3mm 0.5mm PLA config-slic3r-305-pla.ini
Prusa i3 3mm 0.35mm PLA config-slic3r-3035-pla.ini
Prusa i3 1.75mm 0.5mm PLA config-slic3r-17505-pla.ini
Prusa i3 1.75mm 0.35mm PLA config-slic3r-175035-pla.ini
Prusa i3 3mm 0.5mm ABS config-slic3r-305-abs.ini
Prusa i3 3mm 0.35mm ABS config-slic3r-3035-abs.ini
Prusa i3 1.75mm 0.5mm ABS config-slic3r-17505-abs.ini
Prusa i3 1.75mm 0.35mm ABS config-slic3r-175035-abs.ini

(*)This configs are also valid for other 3d printer models, not just for Prusa i3. These are standard configurations that can be useful to start. Starting with this config, one can tune the config to improve speed, detail or whatever she prefers.

Source code

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