MaduixaCNC is an open source tecnology project designed by BCN Dynamics. It is a CNC machine of 3 axis. The project consist of a Do It Yourself kit with instructions so anyone can easyly assemble a simple CNC machine. MaduixaCNC has the following characteristics:

  • It uses the most accessible and affordable components. With accessible we mean that (ideally) anyone can find the components anywhere in the world and they should not be expensive (affordable). The structure is wood-based and plastic pieces are 3D printeable. The rest of materials are easy to find in a hardware store such as screws, rods, nuts... Motors are NEMA17 and electronics are Arduino based.
  • MaduixaCNC is a CNC machine for milling, machining, drilling, PCB milling/routing, drawing and cutting, among others. Many things can be automatically produced with a CNC machine. MaduixaCNC is ready to use many possible tools, you just need to configure it your way.
  • It has a universal holder to use any tool. So you can plug a drill, a dremel, a cutter, a laser, a pen or whatever you need.
  • It is open source, published under GPL v3.0. So anyone can reproduce it wherever in the world without patents problems. Moreover, anyone can participate by providing improvements, changes or derivates. We are waiting for your improvements!



The tool, typically a dremel, is not included in the project (neither in the kits in the store) because the tool to use depends on what you want to do with the machine. The disparity of dremel tools and their different prices and utilities, makes no convenient to associate MaduixaCNC with a concrete tool. For this reason, MaduixaCNC includes a universal tool holder.

The entire project, in addition to the materials of the kit and the manual, includes the source codes of the 3d printeable pieces and the modified firmware for 3 axis CNC. The design of MaduixaCNC, the OpenSCAD and FreeCAD designs of the 3d printeable pieces, and the complete machine visualitzation in FreeCAD, have been entirely developed in the Research and Development department of BCN Dynamics

MaduixaCNCMaduixaCNC fotoMaduixaCNC fresadora CNC

The project MaduixaCNC is inspired by the Jose Salatino's CNC machine, which has a rod-based structure with many 3dprinted parts. After working toghether with J. Salatino for some times, the BCN Dynamics team decide to start a new project based in wood to facilitate the assembling and calibration process. The BCN Dynamics's team wants to publicly thank Jose Salatino for his help and generosity. All inventors of open source projhects are welcome to BCN Dynamics!

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